From what was described as a bubble and garnered damning criticism from individuals, banks, and governments, the cryptocurrency industry has gained popularity around the world. Businesses, commercial organizations, and even governments have started to gain rapid adoption.

It is no longer news that one can make money through crypto prediction. However, this article emphasizes how money can be made when the price drops.

Earning with cryptocurrency price predictions is consistently profitable. It will never go away; it’s a low-risk endeavor and you could make money regardless of price drops.

But here’s the rub: cryptocurrency markets are volatile and risky. For this reason, investors could lose money up to 10 times faster than they did. Many people jumped into bitcoin with the idea that the price would continue to accelerate. But since November 2021, the markets have been bearish. For this reason, 40% of Bitcoin holders are currently experiencing financial losses, according to new statistics from Glassnode.

Furthermore, the proportion increases even more if short-term investors and buyers who only started acquiring and speculating on Bitcoin in the last six months are excluded. So, the downside remains: investors need to make a profit despite prolonged bearish market conditions. The good news is that Zepher fixes this.

So what is Zephyr?

Zephyr is a crypto prediction market, a booming network for synthesized trading or forecasting in the cryptocurrency market. In this case, speculations on cryptocurrency price changes are done with the expectation of making money. There is no need to pay exorbitant transaction prices to buy the most financially viable tokens. The platform uses comprehensive statistical information to allow users to profit from coin price increases and decreases.

Zephyr also places importance on prediction as a ‘gaming ethos’, rewarding crypto lovers for their efforts with curated insights into the benefits of game-based achievements and allowing them to employ the following new features.

– Guessing Space: With this feature, you no longer need to risk buying coins or paying gas fees. With Zephyr, users have a 30% higher chance of making a profit than in classic trading. Also, a user can earn up to 10x profit in 2 days using the Zephyr cryptocurrency market forecast.

– Versatile Market Sentiment Analysis: Zephyr employs Wisdom of Crowd data and KOLs Sentiment (Opinion) Screening to provide the crypto community with a complex set of unique yet valuable market analysis.

– Copy Riddle Trading: Here, people can invest or follow their Riddle MVP for profit together

– Zephyr Earn: This involves DeFi-related staking and liquidity provision programs, as well as Personal Performance Gamification, which opens up even more earning opportunities for crypto enthusiasts of various levels of education and knowledge.

Advantages of Zephyr Forecasts over Classic Trading

1. The exclusive Zephyr system minimizes the probability of risks and increases the chance of winning.

2. Unlike trading, there is no division into ‘bearish’ or ‘bullish’. You participate in pools with users who have the same opportunities as you.

3. Unlike trading, where at best you will earn 10% profit in a week, on Zephyr, you can earn x2 per day in a pool. And you can participate in 5 pools simultaneously

4. 30% more chance of success to win;

5. 60% discount risk.

How Zephyr Makes Crypto Forecasts And Helps You Earn

Zephyr is designed to meet the growing demand for artificial intelligence for profitable trading. It is built with different features that users can use as strategies to expand their financial opportunities. Zephyr recognizes that merchants vary based on a wide range of factors such as hours of operation, personality profile, age, etc. Therefore, it offers a dynamic set of options such as routes to analyze the markets and take positions on the platform. These option sets are categorized into steps that include;

Step 1 – Crypto Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a core aspect of market analysis for accurate trade execution. Therefore, in prediction markets, Zephyr implements robust tools to analyze what the price of a cryptocurrency will be over time with possibly impeccable accuracy. Zephyr also notes that fundamental analysis could cause erratic volatility in the markets, allowing you to speculate on a token’s value on a specific date.

Step 2 – Review the Best Cryptocurrency Price Predictor on Zephyr

With the smart feature, each user can study the profiles and groups of other users, focusing on the strongest to place bets with minimal risk.

Step 3: Analyze the opinion leaders: cryptanalysts and bloggers

Opinion leaders are everywhere; Cryptocurrency traders, crypto analysts, and hodlers actively maintain their social media and blog platforms. Zephyr aggregates their opinions and evaluates their performance to inform cryptocurrency traders and investors that they can trust. You can also forecast the future more accurately by concentrating on the point of view of the most informed.

Step 4: How to create your own group or join another?

Each user can create their own group for one of the currencies on the platform on the selected date or join any existing one. The currencies you can make a prediction for include; BTC; ETH; BNB; SUN; XRP; ADA.

You can also create groups for any date, even a year or more!

Zephyr Rewards System – Bonus Program

At the moment, there are several ways on the platform to get a USD bonus and make predictions with them:

1. Welcome Bonus. In order to receive $10 in your account, you need to register, invite a friend to register on the platform and subscribe to social networks.

2. Deposit bonus. When you top up your account with $50, you will receive an additional $10; When you top up your account with $100, you will receive an additional $20; By filling your account with $250, you will receive an additional $25; When you top up your account with $500, you will receive an additional $50.

3. Referral campaign. For each referral whose trading volume reaches a certain level, the user receives a bonus:

– $5,000 trading volume = $20 bonus;

– $25,000 trading volume = $40 bonus;

– $50,000 trading volume = $60 bonus;

Note that the most active users of the week receive additional bonuses from the platform; the amount of rewards may change.

Get the Welcome Bonus!

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