In his latest video review, esteemed cryptocurrency analyst Ivan on Tech explored the outlook for the emerging altcoin cycle and delved into the potential risks and rewards this new phase could bring.

Awakening from the altcoin cycle: risk vs. gain

Ivan highlighted that while many investors are still inactive, a perceptible change is taking place in the altcoin market. He stressed that while taking positions does not necessarily mean going all-in, dramatic pullbacks or substantial dumps are likely to occur.

A short-term uptrend followed by a decline is well within the realm of possibility, however, he insists, echoing Chris Brunski’s prediction, that a 20-40% decline in crypto asset quality could be the last chance before the real altcoin party begins. next year until 2025.

However, the expert cautions that the price from which the decline begins is an important consideration, be it current prices or a potential spike, or any other level.

Crypto Volatility: A Story of Rise and Fall

Ivan predicts that the market will continue to show high volatility, with the potential for substantial gains and losses. Ivan gives an example scenario where Bitcoin breaks out of a current price of $30,494, rises to around $44,000, and then falls back down to retest.

This, he suggests, could qualify for the expected 25-30% drop, depending on where you stop. In this scenario, Bitcoin could be the first to move, followed by altcoins moving in larger waves.

The role of the Federal Reserve: A balancing act

Addressing the elephant in the room, Ivan talks about the crucial role of the Federal Reserve, particularly with regards to US debt and its interest payments, which have nearly doubled in recent years from $500 billion. to 1 billion per year.

He claims that the Fed will probably start printing money again to keep the government afloat. This move, while aiming to rescue the economy, will also indirectly help our market, according to Ivan.

While he remained broadly bullish, Ivan also shared some concerns about Binance, including potential issues with Bitcoin Cash withdrawals. However, he also praised Binance for handling recent criticism well and continuing business as usual.

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