A Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange is launching a revolutionary Copy Trading platform. Copy Trading is a win-win relationship for both amateur and professional traders. The platform will allow new traders to copy and trade as if the professionals are bringing even more innovation to the space.

When it comes to trading, having the right information is always the difference between making a profit or losing. With Billium, amateur traders are assured of always receiving real-time updates from their preferred professional traders.

Not only is Billium planning to shake up the Copy Trading world, but he is also launching products on the beloved spot and margin trading platforms. Billium’s mission is to increase the popularity of Copy Trading in the markets of the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Russia.

Copy Trading is the process by which a user can copy and place the exact trades that have been made by a professional. By doing so, your chances of making a profit are increased and a portion of the profit is provided to the professional as an incentive to produce more successful trades. It ensures that beginners can make a profit as they continue their learning journey, eliminating the established risks of taking losses when a person first starts trading.

Billium guarantees the authenticity of professional traders by putting them through a rigorous vetting process. Only traders with a verifiable history of successful trading can register as professional traders. It collects the strategies, stats, trades, and records of the professionals and makes them available to amateur traders. This is to help guide your users on the best operations to copy.

Its advanced algorithms come into play to provide timely updates to users. What this does is make sure that a trader does not miss out on any trades from the professional he is linked to. Trades are done in a timely manner with no delay issues.

The best of billium

Billium prioritizes the security of its users above all else. That is why its platform has two-factor authentication, among other security measures, to ensure that user accounts are protected at all times. This emphasis on security extends to how the platform handles flagged transactions.

Unlike other trading platforms, when Billium’s algorithms flag a transaction, the funds are not frozen on the exchange. Instead, they are returned to the sender’s account. This provides each user with a safety net to not worry if their funds will be seized or frozen. It includes not having to worry about the regulatory scrutiny that comes with high-volume trading.

The Billium exchange features a highly liquid order book that draws liquidity from the world’s leading crypto exchanges. This ensures that users are not exposed to any kind of slippage. The crypto exchange also improves user profitability up to 5x leverage.

more to come

Billium is currently in its Beta testing phase, but according to all the information provided, it is preparing to offer a unique product to its users. The crypto exchange will feature a friendly interface that is easy to use. It also puts security above all else to ensure that users do not lose their funds.

Among other things, Billium will offer a liquidity aggregator, advanced API for trading robots, and reliable order execution. Others include high frequency trading and scalping strategies and a very liquid order book in addition to their advanced algorithms.

The “BILT” token, the official token of the Billium exchange, will launch within the year. The exchange is expected to reach more than 100,000 thousand users in its main regions, which are Turkey and Russia, and plans to obtain a license to operate in Europe.

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