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It is quite difficult to predict the short-term behavior of cryptocurrency prices in an uncertain environment. Last month, the market was extremely bullish as prices rose steadily. However, the trend may not remain the same this month as the bears or the forces driving prices down may regain dominance and reverse the uptrend. However, small and mid-cap altcoins have shown notable strength, suggesting liquidity flow within the markets.

The Santiment data suggests that trader sentiments have shifted slightly from being extremely bullish to slightly bearish. The reversed sentiments may have restricted the crypto markets to test the next higher targets. Therefore, it is believed that the price of the major cryptocurrencies will remain consolidated, while the small to mid-cap altcoins may increase their market capitalization in the coming days.

“February has not seen a repeat of the enthusiasm for Bitcoin or Ethereum like we saw in January. But altcoins like HEX (+64%), TMG (+7-%), and GRT (+66%) have had other plans this past week. However, be wary when money moves toward small-mid caps without the maximum cap going up.”

The crypto markets have become highly volatile, making it virtually impossible to predict their next trend. Some of the altcoins like Litecoin, Aptos, Shiba INU, and XRP are getting more attention right now. Therefore, a notable rally may begin if the BTC price continues to hold around $22,800 until the close of the day.

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