Mobile trading card game Cross the Ages (CTA) has partnered with blockchain gaming giant Immutable X to use its layer 2 scalability solution to launch the initial trading card game.

The game has been in development for almost two years. It is being built by a team of more than 70 international artists, including Joshua Cairos from Game of Thrones and Star Wars, Josu Salano from The Lord of the Rings, Andreas Rochas from Harry Potter and Sandra Duchiewitcz from Marvel. A series of novels also support the game’s story and unique universe. The first book in the series, The Chrome Spell Book, has been written by a team of 13 writers and is now available for download.

The CTA team hopes to leverage Immutable X’s Layer 2 scalability solution to issue a large number of transactions quickly and enable quality story progression. Immutable X co-founder Robbie Ferguson summed up the CTA’s goals by saying:

“CTA is leveraging our layer 2 technology and mobile gaming market to enable more for gamers while also investing heavily in story and character development.”

cross the ages

CTA Game is a free to play collectible card game for mobile devices that allows players to collect unique NFT cards by completing missions individually or as a team. Cards vary in uniqueness, reflecting their value. The game also has countless ‘Easter Egg’ NFTs hidden throughout its novels for players to find.

The CTA team invests heavily in the dystopian fantasy world behind the gameplay and story progression. The project was also chosen as the best GameFi project of 2022 and has already caught the attention of more than 500,000 community members around the world.

Games in the winter market

Although all crypto fields have shrunk due to the coldest winter in history, blockchain games seem to be weathering the cold and continue to expand.

According to data from July 2022, gaming activity makes up 52% ​​of all unique active wallets in the cryptosphere, which is equivalent to almost 1.1 million wallet addresses. By the numbers, blockchain gaming activity is up 232% compared to Q2 2021.

Prominent names from the gaming field have also been active despite lifeless bear market conditions. The most recent development on that front has come from Polygon and game publisher Neowiz to release a new Web3 gaming platform called Intella X.

In May 2022, Zilliqa announced the release of a new SDK to solve the interoperability issue in blockchain games. With the new SDK, Zilliqa aims to bring games from different blockchains together to allow them to trade and create a community.

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