Four elements are essential for a metaverse world to take root and thrive, experts say: immersive realism, access and identity, interoperability, and scalability. Reaching them without altering the laws of physics requires complex technology and financial trade-offs. Take a quick look at some emerging metaverses and it’ll be easy to spot what their creators prioritized and what they had to sacrifice.

Such compensation is virtually invisible on Its creator, Frank Fitzgerald, spent years working on the problems from all angles and optimizing for all four parameters. And he’s eager to show the world what his five-year head start and his stubborn refusal to accept that anything is impossible has allowed.

Launching in the summer of 2022, is so evolved that some of the best and most imaginative minds on Earth are coming together for a sneak peek.

One such great mind is Thomas Sevcik, the world-renowned architect and urban planner.

Sevcik, the CEO of Arthesia, works with companies and governments around the world, often on large projects. Passionate about the metaverse, creation and architecture, he wanted to talk about Here is a summary of his comments.

When asked about his career in innovation, Sevcik said: “I created the first versions of the metaverse, in my very real sandbox and on paper, by making my own maps of imaginary lands and cities. From there it was easy.”

His modesty belies important professional achievements.

“I am lucky to be an entrepreneur and to be involved in many outstanding international projects. Some are very big, like creating entire urban districts in many parts of the world, while others are exciting, like branded worlds and experiences. Some are unique private cities and contrary investments come to mind.”

The conversation turned to crypto, the metaverse, and Sevcik’s involvement in the financial revolution.

“In the early days, I looked from the side. I’m interested in sovereignty issues, special zones and alternative governance ideas, so I looked at it from that angle.

“I personally got into crypto early on and I’m glad I did.”

In the metaverse. Sevcik noted: “It’s a logical development, right? Humans are naturally curious creatures who constantly expand their horizons and then want more.”

“A metaverse is neither unreal nor inhuman. In fact, it is deeply human and totally real, creating worlds and experiences on a new level. Utopian and pragmatic at the same time”.

Sevcik’s vision is a unique and humanistic perspective of the metaverse. He argues that the metaverse is an opportunity to celebrate the human experience, through, in ways that aren’t possible in the real world. is not only ready to be used, but ready to innovate in the physical world, he said. As Secvik says, learning in the metaverse has extraordinary potential to improve many of the social challenges people face in the real world.

The metaverse asks compelling questions of our ‘real’ world, says Sevcik.

“The narrative around spatial planning, the idea of ​​’quality and uniqueness,’ for example, is immediately explored when working in the metaverse.”

He is convinced that is nothing less than the dawn of a new age of discovery for mankind.

“It is much more than just wanting to build a piece of land. It actually means repositioning cities, companies and organizations.”

“I’m already working on huge real-world projects explicitly linked or augmented with vectors, dimensions, extents in or with the metaverse.”

Sevcik is confident that the project is ready and exactly the right vehicle to transport his progressive ideas.

With a realistic style based on reality, low system requirements (can be accessed with a $300 Chromebook), a complex ecosystem with unmatched possibilities, and a growing community-driven world, delivers on the areas of progress.

The creator team is delighted to have Thomas Sevcik and his team on board and will soon introduce other great minds and expert creators who are scheduled to join the family. Look for this summer. It won’t be hard to miss.

This post Creation in 2022 is not restricted to the real world. Here is the amazing interpretation of Thomas Sevcik

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