XRP News: David Schwartz, Ripple CTO and self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright go back and forth on the outcome of the XRP lawsuit. This time, however, Ripple CTO took aim at Wright regarding a blockchain developer case.

Does Ripple Flaunt Laws?

According to reports, the UK Court of Appeal overturned a decision announced by the Supreme Court that will decide whether blockchain developers have legal obligations to their users. The case is expected to determine obligations to return access to stolen digital assets.

Ripple’s CTO called this lawsuit nonsensical, claiming that Craig Wright doesn’t need anyone to write code. claimed Schwartz that a self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor is just trying to force people to convince others to run the code.

He added that Wright is suing developers to make them build code. However, Wright responded that this lawsuit will lead the developers to act within existing laws. While stating that Ripple flaunts these rules. Read more XRP news here…

Ripple’s CTO briefed Craig Wright on his implicit integration. Schwartz asked what kind of actions Wright is trying to enforce and asked him to debate what code Bitcoin nodes should run.

David Schwartz under scrutiny?

Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor stressed that Ripple does not follow the law and lies about decentralization. He further joked about Schwartz’s knowledge of understanding the law. However, Ripple’s CTO stood firm, citing the lawsuit brought by Wright’s argument as having no conceivable justification.

However, Wright claimed that Schwartz knows that if Tulip Trading Limited wins this case, XRP is gone. He added that they will lie to admit the fraud. While comparing Ripple CTO to the Maddoff.

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