With the departure of core developer Ed Kim and the removal of Tobias “Zaradar” Andersen from the Joint L1 Task Force developer team, Terra has left Luna Classic and the LUNC community in limbo. The Joint L1 Task Force, founded by Kim and Zaradar, oversees the development, updates, and maintenance of the Terra Classic blockchain.

Joint L1 Task Force Q2 plan and budget requirement have now been changed for the third time in two weeks as the developer group and Terra Grants Foundation (TGF) break up. The community has been asking for the replacement of lead developer Zaradar for several weeks and Edward Kim is busy developing AI sidechain and other machine learning solutions to make the chain usable again.

The latest proposal 11463 “Expanded and rounded L1 task force [v3] (Q2 2023)” wants to bring Bilbo Baggins as senior software engineer/architect and Solid Snake senior engineer and system architect in place of Zaradar. Both will serve as co-leads of the team.

In addition, it proposes adding 3 senior developers, Jacob Gadikian, and other junior developers to scale up the Joint L1 Task Force. The total budget for Q2 is $105,000, much lower than previous budget proposals. This would be approximately 853.65 million LUNC tokens, which will be paid in two installments.

So far, the proposal has received 38.88% votes in favor and 41.30% against. Also, 16% voted to abstain from the proposal. The proposal expires in two days and does not appear to meet the quorum.

Will TGF and Joint L1 Task Force Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) fail?

Steve (LuncBurnArmy), the team’s project manager, has also been removed from the Joint L1 Task Force because the group doesn’t want to pay thousands of dollars a month for management work.

Terra Grants Foundation (TGF) operates as a for-profit company despite being a non-profit organization. The L1 team is unable to reach Superman (InonMan), who has now been missing for many weeks. The proposal claims that TGF association with LUNC will create legal trouble for the Terra Luna Classic blockchain.

The community is disappointed with the proposal and the current issues facing Terra Classic. Classy Crypto claims to shut down its validator if the LUNC proposal passes.

The LUNC price is currently trading at $0.0001299, up 3% in the last 24 hours. However, the trading volume has decreased by 25%, indicating a decrease in interest among traders.

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