On March 3, 2022, ViaWallet, a multi-chain, multi-cryptocurrency decentralized wallet, hosted a Twitter Q&A session in collaboration with CoinEx Exchange. Questions focused on ViaWallet project ideas, unique features, security level, future development and partnership. These are some of the questions asked during the session along with the detailed answers provided by the organizers.


1. Can you briefly explain the main idea/purpose behind the ViaWallet project?

ViaWallet is primarily designed to meet the demand for asset management. Right now, you can trade and store (short-term) crypto assets on any crypto exchange. However, we believe that specialized crypto storage and management is also important, and there is a high demand for such features, which is why we decided to launch ViaWallet.

Compared to a crypto exchange, ViaWallet focuses more on storage and asset management. More importantly, the application is more secure and meets the demand for security and asset management.

ViaWallet updates have also focused on such claims. To meet the demand for managing different assets, ViaWallet implemented a multi-chain/multi-crypto model. At ViaWallet, both single cryptocurrency wallet and multi-cryptocurrency wallet are available. ViaWallet now supports 45 coins, covering major public chains such as BTC, ETH, CSC, TRON, Terra, Polygon, BSC, DOGE, and over 1 million tokens, covering most major tokens, meeting the demand for management of multiple cryptos.

2. How is ViaWallet different from other wallets? What makes it different?

Compared to other wallets, ViaWallet has been optimized in terms of multi-cryptocurrency management, transaction experience, and security, the top three concerns among ViaWallet users.

To start with, ViaWallet is a multi-chain, multi-cryptocurrency wallet that supports 45 coins and over 1 million tokens, covering most major cryptocurrencies. It is one of the best wallets in terms of the number of cryptocurrencies supported. Also, the list of cryptocurrencies supported by ViaWallet is getting longer and longer.

Second, ViaWallet features simple interactions, which are easy for beginners to use. For many new users, crypto wallets are not easily accessible because they have no idea how such applications are used. Always putting users first, ViaWallet meets demands through enhanced functionalities while simplifying wallet-user interactions.

Finally, ViaWallet promises more security. As we all know, security is the main concern for asset management. From coding to product design, ViaWallet puts your security first. In a decentralized wallet, the users have control over the private key, which means that the assets are 100% controlled by the users. To keep the app safe and secure, we have also introduced a wide range of security mechanisms, including app lock, security password, mnemonic phrases, encrypted text QR code, etc.

3. What are the main problems that ViaWallet seeks to solve? As a multi-chain wallet, how do you intend to protect users’ assets, especially given the many transactions they will be making through the wallet?

We are now trying to further improve the user experience while improving the security of ViaWallet and supporting more cryptos. Stay tuned for more updates!

As a multi-chain, multi-cryptocurrency wallet, ViaWallet has to process bulk transaction information, which is also a feature we prioritize. One of ViaWallet’s advantages is its assured security and reliability, which allows for satisfying user experiences.

First of all, in terms of product design, we have implemented multiple protection mechanisms, including app lock, security password, mnemonics and encrypted text QR code, to keep the app safe and secure.

Second, ViaWallet is a decentralized wallet. In other words, you can sign up without providing any private information. Instead, you can use the app by simply importing the private key/mnemonic phrases or creating a new wallet. Since we do not collect or store your private key, you will have 100% control over the assets.

Aside from this, our R&D team members are experienced developers with work experience at leading internet companies and in-depth industry knowledge. As such, ViaWallet’s coding is highly reliable and the team also strives for further optimization to improve the performance of the app.

It should also be mentioned that ViaWallet is backed by a professional and multilingual customer service team, allowing for more satisfying user experiences.


4. What advantages/facilities does ViaWallet offer its users?

ViaWallet offers a more secure and user-friendly asset management option.

First of all, ViaWallet provides a safer and more reliable approach to asset management. In this decentralized wallet, users have 100% control over their assets. Also, it uses multiple measures (eg app lock) to keep the app safe and secure when it is running.

Second, ViaWallet features a simple and intuitive product design, which makes crypto wallets fully accessible to beginners. For us, the user experience is always a priority. ViaWallet is always looking for more intuitive wallet-user interactions and will continue to do so in future updates. This will help new users get started with the app shortly after installing it.

ViaWallet offers all-inclusive services. The app now supports 45 currencies and over 1 million tokens, covering most major currencies. In addition, DApps on public chains such as ETH, TRON, and BNB Chain are available on ViaWallet, covering decentralized exchanges, decentralized loans/loans, synthetic assets, and other types of DApps. ViaWallet also provides customer services in multiple languages, allowing for more satisfying user experiences.

5. Is it possible to bet $CET on ViaWallet?

ViaWallet does not support direct CET staking at the moment, but you can stake $CET via CSC DApps (eg IFPool) supported by ViaWallet.

6. What chains does ViaWallet currently support?

ViaWallet now supports 45 coins, including BTC, ETH, TRON, CSC, NEAR, Terra, and Avalanche, and over 1 million tokens. Go to the ViaWallet website for the specific public chains supported by the wallet: https://viawallet.com/assets.

7. Is it possible to change currencies without adding liquidity to the pool?

Yes, of course. You can trade coins through our exchange feature. At the same time, we also offer DApps such as OneSwap, Uniswap, and SushiSwap that make it easy to exchange assets. You can choose an exchange platform based on your preferences.

8. Does ViaWallet support decentralized exchange?

ViaWallet now offers all kinds of DApps, including well-known DEXs like OneSwap, Uniswap, SushiSwap, etc. Download ViaWallet now to experience premium DApps: https://viawallet.com/download

9. Can you tell us about some of your recent associations? How do you plan to improve them?

ViaWallet recently partnered with SWFT, a cross-chain exchange platform, to enable cross-chain currency trading. In the future, we will announce more partnerships for the benefit of users and offer more satisfactory services.

In future updates, we will support NFTs, list more cryptos, and provide completely new interactive experiences. Meanwhile, ViaWallet will be available in more languages ​​and cover more fiat currencies to better serve users around the world and offer more convenience.

10. Do you have plans to include NFT projects in the future?

The plan to support NFT is already underway and will be rolled out in a new version to be released soon. The first NFT-compliant version will include services such as storage, transfer/reception, and NFT query. In addition, we will also list NFT related DApps such as OpenSea to help you trade NFT.

Stay tuned for the next update to try ViaWallet’s latest features before everyone else!

brand and community

11. Why did you choose this name “ViaWallet”? Can you explain the meaning behind this?

ViaWallet’s launch is backed by the foundation laid by ViaBTC Pool, a world leading crypto mining service. As one of the main subsidiaries of the ViaBTC Group, ViaWallet is committed to the vision of “Via wallet, linking it to the finance of the future”, which is why the app is called ViaWallet.

12. How did you get the community involved in the development of the project? How do you build a strong community to grow globally?

Here at ViaWallet, user feedback is always a priority. In 2021, we are introducing a new feature called “Suggestions” (on the app’s “Me” page) to encourage users to provide us with tips and feedback on user experiences. This new feature allowed us to listen to users, and we have taken many of your comments seriously and will adopt the valuable suggestions we receive. If you have any suggestions while using the app, feel free to let us know.

In addition, we have created a customer service team to help users solve problems through tickets, emails, Telegram messages, etc. After reviewing the issues, the team will create corresponding solutions to deliver more seamless and layered product experiences.

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