This Valentine’s Day will be memorable for the entire Cardano community and investors. According to reports, the SECP (Cardano’s Valentine upgrade) will go live on February 14 on the mainnet, aiming to enable secure cross-chain dApp development on the Plutus platform while furthering the goal of blockchain interoperability of the network. promote.

Tim Harrison, VP of community and ecosystem at Input Output, took to his Twitter account to share more details about the upgrade.

“February 14th ♥️ #Cardano #Valentine 👍 @InputOutputHK

More about the upcoming upgrade here:”

– Tim Harrison, @timbharisson

SECP and Cardano milestones

SECP or SECP256k1 is used by many blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin to implement public key cryptography. Which uses a key pair (public and private keys) to validate transaction signatures. This upcoming upgrade will give the Cardano network an edge over other competing blockchains by enabling multi-chain communication to help DeFi developers build unilaterally scalable Dapps.

While the Cardano team is working hard to achieve its other technology advancement goals, the layer-1 blockchain has just executed more than 5,000 smart contracts on the network and recently placed second in its GitHub development activity.

Cardano price rising?

The overall effect of this upgrade is expected to be increased on-chain activity in the Cardano market, but right now the ADA price is trading around $0.3606, down about 6.8 percent over the past 24 hours and 10.31% in the week.

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