Input Out (IO) technology manager Kevin Hammond has announced that the Vasil hard fork will be further delayed.

The Vasil hard fork will bring significant speed and scaling improvements to Cardano. Initial plans were set for a final release on June 29, but recent events surrounding the implosion of Terra have delayed things.

In a blog post following the announcement of the delay, IO provided a revised soft deadline of the last week of July. However, during the latest episode of Cardano360, which aired on July 28, Hammond revealed that Vasil would take longer than expected to complete.

Terra’s implosion already slowed things down.

In a video posted on June 20, IO CEO Charles Hoskinson addressed issues surrounding the first delay. He said that, as things stand, it is possible to “flip the switch” and get away with it.

However, in light of the Terra disaster, specifically the failure of USDT’s algorithmic pegging process, as a precautionary measure, he asked engineers to “measure three times and cut once.”

The side effect meant additional tests on the Plutus suite and consequently more quality control tests. The dApp developers also asked for more time to test the update in the testnet phase.

All of which pushed Vasil’s release past the initial deadline of June 29.

When will Cardano developers release Vasil?

Expectations were set for a late July release. However, during the July 28 episode of Cardano360, Hammond said that the core development team is still working on fixing bugs identified during testing.

He added that the team is focused on “testing thoroughly” and getting the code “absolutely correct.”

“The goal is for us to eliminate any final issues as we move towards the Vasil hard fork.”

Hammond defended the delay by saying that this is the nature of software development and that unforeseen problems inevitably arise that cause delays.

“We have to assess those issues as they come up, determine what impact they might have, and we need to make sure that any issues that might impact node usage, as we move forward on Vasil, are fully resolved.”

Giving a new release date, Hammond responded by saying that it could take “a few more weeks,” including time spent coordinating with exchanges and stake pool operators before the final release is ready.

The community has been largely supportive and feedback has been positive. For example, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture, Dan Gamberdellohe said, “no talented engineer will question this,” adding that reliability and safety take precedence over meeting deadlines.

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