The biggest news in the cryptosphere for Sept. 27 includes Binance’s new global program that aims to help law enforcement combat cybercrime, FTX’s acquisition of bankrupt Voyager, and the CEO’s resignation. of Celsius, Alex Mashinsky.

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Binance Launches New Program to Help Law Enforcement Fight Cybercrime

Binance announced the launch of its new Global Law Enforcement Training Program on September 27. The program will help law enforcement around the world detect financial cybercrime and help prosecute criminals.

The Program will be led by a select few with global hands-on financial cybercrime experience from Binance’s investigations team, which has grown exponentially over the past year.

FTX Wins Bid to Acquire Voyager Assets in Bankruptcy

Bankrupt crypto lender Voyager had been meeting with numerous investors, including foreign exchange profit FTX, who were interested in buying the company. On September 27, Voyager announced that FTX won the bid to acquire the company.

Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Resigns; CEL tanks

Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky announced his resignation from the company on September 27. Celsius’ native token CEL responded to the announcement by accumulating 7.5% to hit $1.37.

Celsius Network announced the appointment of Chris Ferraro as Restructuring Director and Interim CEO immediately following Mashinsky’s resignation announcement.

EPNS rebrands to Push Protocol as it moves into a multi-chain future

The Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) announced that it changed its name to “Push Protocol” on September 27. According to the announcement, the push protocol indicates the first step of the service to become a multi-chain communication function.

ATOM jumps 3% as Cosmos releases new whitepaper

The whitepaper on the Cosmos (ATOM) update was published on September 27. Although the document is in proposal status, ATOM responded by posting a 3.4% increase to $14.57 at the time of reporting.

The proposal suggests adding cross-chain security to the Cosmos hub to make it a cross-chain network. The draft also offers updates to increase the usefulness and value of ATOM.

Ethereum Proof-of-Stake Client Bug Detected and Patched Without Incident

Ethereum (ETH) developers spotted a bug with the Besu Ethereum client before it could create a consensus bug on the networks. The finding was posted to the Hyperledger GitHub repository and it was understood that “no production networks had transactions that triggered this flaw.”

Polkadot seeks 10x transaction speed in new updates

Polkadot (DOT) announced upcoming enhancements to the network, including its asynchronous backup upgrade that will increase transaction speeds by at least 10x.

The asynchronous backup update will shorten the parachain block time to six seconds, thus increasing the space of each block from five to ten. The new update will be ready for Kusama deployment by the end of the year.

California’s problems cease, order to refrain from Nexo for offering customers a Product of Winning Interest

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation attempted to abstain for crypto lender Nexo. The charge accuses Nexo of allegedly behaving “against interest-bearing cryptocurrency accounts.”

On the other hand, Nexo responded by saying that it stopped onboarding new US users to its Earn Interest product in February 2022.

Non-renewable energy use in Bitcoin mining increased by 13% in 2021

According to the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF), sustainable energy use in Bitcoin (BTC) mining decreased by 13% in 2021 compared to 2020.

The numbers show that more than 40% of Bitcoin mining was done with renewable energy sources in 2020. This percentage fell to 28.48% in 2021, leading to a 63% increase in greenhouse gas emissions. .

DeFi must be regulated ‘carefully and thoughtfully’, says Fed Chairman Jerome Powell

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell spoke at a roundtable conference on Sept. 27, calling on lawmakers to take cautious steps when regulating DeFi protocols. He said that regulators have to be:

“…very careful how crypto activities are taken within the regulatory perimeter.”

He added that central banks will always be the main trust factor behind money, while stablecoins only “borrow” trust from their issuer.

Nexo acquires a stake in Summit National Bank to expand its offering in the US.

Nexo has entered into an agreement with Summit National Bank that will allow Nexo to offer various services in the US, including bank accounts, asset-backed loans, card programs and escrow solutions.

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Research: Bitcoin On-Chain Metrics Suggest Bottom Has Now Been Hit

Analyzing various metrics, the CryptoSlate research team concluded that the bottom of Bitcoin had been reached.

The conclusion was reached after analyzing the percentage of Bitcoin addresses in profit, market value to realized value (MVRV), and supply in profit and loss. These metrics have been under CryptoSlate’s radar, and last month they indicated that Bitcoin could have fallen further. However, all three showed signs of Bitcoin bottoming out this month.

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Bitcoin (BTC) is down 0.57% in the last 24 hours to hit $19,030. Ethereum (ETH), was also down 0.26%, reaching $1,321.

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