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The USD 278 border and its surroundings had a strong convergence of resistance levels. Traders can wait for a down break in a shorter time frame before going short

Binance Coin has recovered from the sharp plunge it saw in mid-December. The $250 area was expected to offer solid resistance to the price, but the asset was able to flip $256 to support and climb higher.

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This came in the wake of Bitcoin’s short-lived bullish momentum. The king of crypto was able to climb past the $17,000 mark and stood at $17,2,000 at the time of writing. It met resistance at $17.3k and $17.6k. A break beyond these levels could herald another upward movement in the crypto market.

The surge in recent days has led to inefficiencies in the South that could fill the price

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There are many paths for Binance Coin in the future. A move above the bearish order block at $278 is likely to push Binance Coin towards $300 and $315. However, buyers may need to watch out for a fake rally above $280 before a reversal takes place.

The other path was consolidation between $260-$280 for BNB. Like the consolidation at the end of December, this could give bulls time to reload ammunition before launching BNB higher. This was a more unlikely scenario as Bitcoin faced intense resistance at $17.6k.

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A more likely path has been a rejection in the $275-$280 area. The rapid upward move has left fair value gaps on the chart that price could seek out. For traders looking to take short positions, a move below $270 and a subsequent retest could present a selling opportunity.

A move north can force a large number of liquidations, and traders may wait for a northward flush before assessing their options.

Bears can expect a move south to the Point of Control at $246. This was the Point of Control based on the Fixed Range Volume Profile, which also showed that $283.7 was the Value Area High.

The Open Interest pointed to discouraged long positions

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On December 12, Binance Coin started falling from $285. On December 16, it hit the lows at $225. During this time, Open Interest rose, to show strong bearish sentiment. However, as BNB reversed its recovery back to the $280 zone, only the spot CVD was on the rise.

In fact, the Open Interest has actually fallen over the past few days as BNB climbed from $260 to $280. This was indicative of discouraged longs and some bearishness in the market.

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