Baby Doge Coin has managed to set a new record and now has 1.4 million holders leaving Shiba Inu far behind. BabyDoge’s official Twitter handle burst into party spirit, posting a video showing the BabyDoge all on fire.

The BscScan data shows that BabyDoge currently has 1,400,636 (1.4 million) holders. The numbers are increasing at a rapid pace day by day. On the other hand, Etherscan data shows that the current number of holders for Shiba Inu stands at 1,170,386 (1.1 million). The above data clarify that BabyDoge Shiba Inu is way ahead in the number of holders and emerging as the most popular coin.

BabyDoge Twitter Followers Reach 969K

BabyDoge’s official Twitter handle has currently garnered 969.1K followers.

BabyDoge has been in the news for his achievements. On February 9, BabyDoge made it into the largest Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, Biconomy Global. Earlier on February 3, BabyDoge entered into a partnership with football clubs, following in the footsteps of its rival Floki Inu (FLOKI).

BabyDoge was also part of Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitget Global, which stated that its users will now trade Baby DogeCoin (BABYDOGE) on their platform.

Baby Doge Launches P2E Gaming Following Climate Change Awareness

Since its inception, Little Baby Doge has been on an upward trend in the crypto industry due to its hyper-deflationary token economy funded by a charitable grant system. With the launch of the latest P2E platform, not only will the existing users benefit from the added utility, but it will greatly contribute to raising awareness about climate adaptation in a fun and engaging way.

Baby Doge takes advantage of this prospect to launch a play-to-earn platform that will encourage players to own rare NFTs while also supporting a noble cause. This move has been made possible thanks to blockchain technology.


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