B2BinPay is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Ledger, the global platform for digital assets.

The new collaboration offers B2BinPay customers an exclusive, custom-branded Ledger Nano X, featuring a special crypto processing design and including the B2BinPay logo.

These custom Ledger devices will be available to two specific categories of customers:

Newly registered commercial and enterprise customers; Dedicated long-term customers, as a token of gratitude for your continued patronage of B2BinPay.

To claim their custom hardware wallets, B2BinPay will provide customers with unique promotional codes. These codes can be used on the official Ledger website, on a dedicated page specifically designed for this partnership, allowing customers to claim their personalized devices.

A maximum of 1,000 units are available for this exclusive offer, highlighting the unique and exclusive nature of these custom-branded devices.

Why choose the ledger?

Renowned for safely hosting cryptocurrency private keys in an offline environment, Ledger’s multi-currency devices are trusted around the world. They guarantee unmatched protection against potential security breaches, offer effortless asset management and ensure full transaction transparency.

This collaboration provides B2BinPay customers with the best crypto storage solutions available. It allows them to safely diversify their portfolios and manage their assets effectively.

About B2BinPay

As a comprehensive crypto payments solution, B2BinPay enables businesses to safely and affordably transfer, receive and accept cryptocurrency. The company supports all major cryptocurrencies and gives clients the flexibility to convert and consolidate them into their preferred format, whether it be fiat, currency, or stablecoin.

The partnership with Ledger strengthens B2BinPay’s commitment to deliver robust, efficient, and reliable crypto asset management solutions that meet customer needs and keep up with the fast-paced evolution of the FinTech industry.

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