Asian venture capital firm Sora Ventures has announced that it will move its business to Taipei in Taiwan in favor of “a very crypto-friendly environment.” Sora Ventures was previously headquartered in Hong Kong and other areas of Asia.

However, Sora is far from bearish on the Chinese crypto industry. Speaking recently on CryptoSlate’s SlateCast, Sora Ventures Managing Partner Jason Fang stated that the Chinese crypto market “will eventually open up… when that happens, we want to be ready for that.”

Sora Ventures’ move to Taipei is part of its ongoing strategy “to recruit new staff and expand operations for a potential Fund 2.” Historically, the firm has made sound business decisions regarding investments, risk management, and its ability to time the market.

It was one of the first venture funds in Asia dedicated to blockchain technical and digital assets. However, as an early investor in Immutable, Origin Protocol, and Casper Labs, along with 50 other web3-related companies, it has decided to exit most of its positions by the end of 2021.

Since then it has beenholding USD for over a year, making very conservative bets about the founders [Fang] he knew personally and had a strong track record in the industry.”

Fang spoke with CryptoSlate to give insight into the Taiwan movement. Sora currently manages over $70M in assets as one of the “smallest blockchain funds in Asia to implement a hybrid strategy tailored to the Web3 environment.” Tusk stated:

“Our biggest advantage today is that we are probably one of the oldest funds in Asia that has data on the performance of our fund monthly since the yearJuly 2018.

Yes you’re looking at what’s happening in our industry recently, the real problem with operating funds really It boils down to 2 things: transparency and discipline.”

Fang further explained that Sora’s investors are going up “several multiples” and that the most crucial aspect of the company is risk management while aiming for 3-4 times current returns. In conclusion, Fang commented that

“We have played all the hands correctly latest 2 years, and now we’re looking to finish strong and reward our investors for staying with us since 2018.”

Disclosure: Sora Ventures is an investor in CryptoSlate as of 2022.

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