Mastercard has tapped Polygon for its Web3 and NFT journey
Polygon had added The Sandbox and Yoots to its network in 2022 to expand NFT projects on the network

With its recent alliances and industry moves, Polygon has made many appearances in the NFT and Web3 debates. In a recent release, Mastercard announced a partnership with Polygon.

The most recent Mastercard announcement further placed the Polygon at the center of Web3 debate and development.

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Polygon X Mastercard

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mastercard announced that it would launch its Mastercard Artist Accelerator on the Polygon blockchain. The goal is to teach musicians how to grow their careers by creating a robust online presence, hitting NFTs, and connecting with fans.

Yes announced the transition from Solana to Polygon in a somewhat surprising announcement in December 2022. This was a significant expansion of the NFT projects being developed on the Polygon network. In addition, The Sandbox announced the transition to the Polygon network in early 2022.

Polygon NFT volume shows impressive growth

According to Santiment’s NFT statistics, the recent deals have had a beneficial effect on the number of NFTs on the network.

According to NFT volume in USD stats, NFT sales were strong for most of the year. The network had already hit nearly $300,000 in NFT sales at the time of writing.

Source: Sentiment

The increase in NFT sales it reported was also apparent when looking at Nansen’s weekly transaction numbers. The statistic showed that NFT transactions had increased recently, particularly in November 2022.

Source: Nansen

Daily address witness daily growth

The daily active address metric was yet another excellent Polygon metric to see. The graph that was shown showed that the active address for the network is increasing almost daily.

The average number of active addresses increased every day from the end of the year to the beginning of January. The fact that this expansion is happening while the market is in a bear market makes it remarkable. When the bull market starts, higher growth can be predicted based on the current trajectory.

Source: Sentiment

MATIC in a daily time frame

The daily period chart showed that MATIC reacted positively to the news about the partnership with Mastercard. During the previous trading session, there was more than 1% growth in the asset and at the time of writing, it was still doing well. During the trading period under review, MATIC was trading at around USD 0.80.

Source: TradingView

An 87.34x increase on the charts as AVAX hits Bitcoin’s market cap

The token encountered immediate resistance at the long and short moving averages (blue and yellow lines). A MATIC rally could happen if it can break through these barriers. However, the price action indicated that a death cross could be imminent.

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