The project’s community agreed with the proposals to sort budget, governance, and token locks.

Retail activity and rising meme value have been driving Arbitrum’s growth in addresses.

Finally one arbitration [ARB] proposal passed a vote without any conflict or back and forth, as the AIP-1.1 and 1.2 received approval from the DAO. According to the results, 99.15% voted for the AIP-1.2, while a meager 0.2% voted against.

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The AIP-1.2 revolves around Arbitrum’s governing bylaws and aims to change them by implementing community feedback. The AIP-1.1 is considering the proposal to secure ARB tokens, budget approval and full transparency by the Foundation after the allocation of 700 million brouhaha.

This also received approval after 98.13% of the voting community voted in favour of the idea. Interestingly, its adoption coincided with a period when the Ethereum [ETH] scale solution surpassed a total of five million accounts created.

Five million and still

Arbitrum is quickly clear growing user base can be attributed to a number of factors, including the network’s ability to handle large volumes of transactions, low gas costs, and the support of a vibrant and engaged community.

But the success of the project in this regard was mainly due to the activity of users who have had less than 10,000 transactions on the network. According to Dune analysiss, the group accounted for 3.02 million of the 5.05 million addresses.

Source: Dune analysis

This meant that a tons of activity on the network was not affected by whales. Instead, the retail community has made significant efforts, even though daily transactions are consistently above 200,000.

As of April 17, the number of daily active addresses had surpassed all days in April, peaking at 851,860. This metric measures the daily level of user participation in transactions over a blockchain.

So the walk suggests that there has been an undeniable level of public interaction and speculation around tokens under the Arbitrum network.

Source: Dune analysis

Users insist on AIDOGE’s decree

And there was certainly a certain meme that seems to have sparked the rise in retail engagement. The meme, ArbDoge AI [AIDOGE] is up 193% in the last 24 hours.

This has also driven the market cap to an unprecedented $34 million, thanks to an incessant liquidity pump.

How many Worth 1.10.100 ARBs today?

According to Arbitum’s DEX screener, AIDOGE has registered a lot of buy orders in the past two days. And since the price was extremely cheap, it was a good idea for the market participants to test buying.

Source: DEX Screener

At the time of writing, ARB switched hands at $1.77, implying a 43.63% gain over the past seven days. However, information from the multiple DEX data stream platform showed that some buyers of AIDOGE started taking profits.

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