Aptos’ market cap remained dominant over Algorand despite a dip in development activity.

– The project’s Chief Technology Officer said the innovation would be rolled out on a monthly basis.

Aptos [APT] Core developers have been at the forefront of making the network seamless for users with a series of upgrades. During the week, precisely on April 11, the blockchain, which aims to become the fastest and most scalable L1 protocol, will be announced an improvement in gas consumption.

Realistic or not, here it is The market capitalization of APT in terms of ALGO

The regular boat is to save the drop

Following the development, code commit on the Aptos blockchain has increased significantly. According to Token Terminal, commits jumped to as many as 33 as of April 13. Code commits reveal developers’ contributions to a particular project.

However, at the time of writing, the contributing activity fell to 12.7.

Source: Token Terminal

This implies that the public GitHub repositories for Aptos have taken a back seat. But Avery Ching, the project’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), had different views on what was happening in the Aptos ecosystem.

Speaking to AMBCrypto, the CTO noted that Aptos has been performing great with the upgrade it has made. He also said Aptos was dissolve many issues faced by older blockchains, and plans to do so on a monthly basis. Because of this, Ching said major changes would be sent to the Mainnet.

He said,

“It takes existing networks years to make significant changes to Mainnet; the Aptos community is now rapidly shipping major changes to Mainnet almost every month.”

The CTO also continued to comment on gas efficiency, which would improve data storage and deliver greater savings per user transaction. He opined that the project’s core developers were committed to “reading transaction costs in response to builders’ needs.”

Developers will be involved in implementation

On April 8, Pyth Network praised the dedication of Aptos developers. The smart contract data provider tweeted that the upgrade has a positive effect on its own network.

In addition, compared to other L1s such as Cosmos [ATOM]And algorithm [ALGO]Aptos did relatively well per Market capitalization. The market capitalization explains the growing popularity of a project, as the asset price and circulating supply determine its value.

How many Worth 1.10.100 APTs today?

At the time of writing, Aptos’ market cap rose to $2.4 billion. It was able to override Algorand in this regard, but lagged behind Cosmos. This means that the blockchain, built with the Move programming language, received more attention then Algorand.

Source: Token Terminal

Ching made further comments about what to expect from Aptos in the coming months. He hinted that the blockchain would be crucial to progress in the web3 sector. He also reiterated that the Move functionality would be key to the monthly Mainnet changes. He named:

“Application developers and core developers are working very closely together to take advantage of the new developer primitives, fast finality times and industry-leading throughput to build new experiences.”

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