Over is an open source augmented reality (AR) metaverse. Leveraging AR technology, the company migrates the physical world into the Metaverse. This allows users to have real-world localized AR experiences in the Metaverse.

Over believes that the future lies in multiple metaverses. It sees itself as a way to connect 3D assets to spaces. Over’s COO Diego Di Tommaso described Over from his perspective, saying:

“It’s kind of like Wikipedia, where you basically describe locations, not with text but with 3D data… We think in the future you’ll have a choice of what content to see when you’re on location, but you need a decentralized database to access it. these dates”.

Connecting AR with the real world

In addition to digitizing our physical world, Over also works the other way around. It tokenizes the coordinates of physical space and allows token holders to create whatever they wish in their area in the Metaverse.

These newly added creations are viewable via smartphones when visiting the real-world location. Additionally, the landowner can choose to create a remote experience that others can access without having to visit the location in the real world.


According to DiTommaso, many projects trying to build an AR version of the physical world use GPS to retrieve location data. GPS systems, however, work with an accuracy of six meters outdoors and don’t even work indoors.

He solved this problem by creating a unique solution called Map2Earn that can locate people through an image. Once users upload an image of their surroundings, Map2Earn can pinpoint their position to within 20 centimeters. This system works with the same precision both indoors and outdoors.

Inclusion for mainstream adoption

Over points to a web3 metaverse ecosystem where platforms are interconnected and assets can move freely. The company is aware of the role of mass adoption of the metaverse in creating this web3 metaverse ecosystem.

Di Tomasso says that the best approach is to include people who know nothing about crypto to use these systems. Over supports this vision through the user experience it offers.

The company creates a custody wallet for all users upon registration. While users can opt out of Over’s custodial wallet and switch to their own, this feature helps those who know little about crypto and wallets by allowing them to enter the Metaverse to explore and learn.

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