[PRESS RELEASE – Sydney, Australia, 4th February 2022]

Developers in the Ethereum ecosystem are using AlphaWallet as a foundation for flexible and secure wallets for a wide range of assets and use cases on Web3.

Smart Token Labs announces that AlphaWallet has been publicly forked over 500 times, becoming the most forked open source EVM wallet. Developers from around the world have used the AlphaWallet source code to create more than 500 derivative wallets covering a wide range of assets and use cases.

Launched in 2018, AlphaWallet is the first crypto wallet to natively support NFT. Coming in a big update in 2019, AlphaWallet is the first mobile crypto wallet to use Secure Enclave on the device, giving users hardware-grade “cold wallet level” security.

Released in 2020, AlphaWallet 3.0 supports all EVM networks, including all test networks, and is packed with many features that make it highly accessible for developers. For the general super-user-agent scenario, AlphaWallet offers TokenScript support. TokenScript allows developers to embed their token logic in the wallet, enabling a native mobile UX, users use all the native features on their token cards and don’t need to open Dapps.
Open Source Forked Wallet Supports DeFi and NFT Use Cases:

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AlphaWallet is built with full ENS integration, which will allow users to use many advanced ENS features: such as displaying ENS avatars and renewing ENS names. It is compatible with iOS and Android, and is designed with secure cross-platform functionality on more than 32 networks.

Victor Zhang, CEO of Smart Token Labs, said: “We are proud to see so many developers across the Ethereum ecosystem have used the AlphaWallet source code. Smart Token Labs is committed to building tools that are as flexible as Ethereum itself: everything we build is open, accessible, and free for people to use to build the tools they want on Web3.

The user agent (wallet) is the most influential layer in the whole web3 stack, it can easily influence users’ decision on which DApp to use, which layer2 to connect, which layer1 to connect. It is very important that the user agent (wallet) is neutral: it must be owned and controlled by the builders and users.”

Click here to learn more about Smart Token Labs and view the GitHub repository here.

About AlphaWallet

AlphaWallet is the only self-custodial wallet that is 100% open source. With native support for over 32 networks, AlphaWallet is designed by web3 engineers for the community. It has become the most forked Ethereum wallet as it is production ready and easy to customize so you can launch your MVP in 1/5 of the time. AlphaWallet is a product of Smart Token Labs.

About Smart Token Labs

Smart Token Labs is creating a new standard for a tokenized future. Since 2017, it has been building two main bridges to this future: AlphaWallet, a super user agent for smart tokens, and TokenScript, the smart token interface for token composition. Built for a Web3 where tokens are as ubiquitous as web pages, TokenScript is a token-centric framework for creating composable smart tokens for use cases across NFT, PlayFi, DeFi, the metaverse, and the full spectrum of Web3.

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