The whole world is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Web3, a digital world where users control their data. That world will also provide access to financial opportunities, games, and more. Alpha Venture DAO positions itself as a beacon for builders and developers to secure the project financing and incubation expertise necessary for future success.

Building the Web3 infrastructure

As more people show interest in Web3 development, the general enthusiasm increases. First, however, everyone must recognize that Web3 is a concept and not an existing product or service. Therefore, the necessary infrastructure must be developed first of all. Alpha Venture DAO, established by Alpha Finance Lab, aims to play a role in those proceedings by connecting builders, operators and users to innovate in the Web3 environment.

Builders can take advantage of vast resources, support, and mentorship under the Alpha Venture DAO banner. Together with partners Alpha Network, which encompasses several dozen thought leaders, influencers, and investors, and Terraform Labs, the DAO aims to bring exciting projects to fruition. In addition, the incubated projects can bring their infrastructure to more than 100,000 Web3 users under the banner Alpha Finance Lab.

Natalie Luu, director of ecosystem development at Terraform Labs, comments:

“Terraform Labs is proud to partner with the Alpha Venture DAO and support founders building on the Terra ecosystem. We welcome builders who want to join Terra’s fast-growing ecosystem to create new use cases leveraging the UST stablecoin and Terra blockchain.”

Incubation is part of the Alpha Venture DAO plan. Simultaneously, the team will continue to create category-defining products and services, unlocking synergistic value within the Alpha ecosystem. That includes finding correlations with its Alpha Homoroa, AlphaX, and ad Alpha Tokenomics products and services. The Alpha Homoroa solution was the world’s first cross-chain leveraged yield farming protocol representing over $1.8 billion in total value locked.

Why Alpha Venture DAO is different

Alpha Venture DAO’s modus operandi differs from traditional incubators and funding providers. The decentralized venture capital fund uses its community as a paycheck. Leveraging users and their experience is more valuable in the long run than monetary incentives. Incubated projects can still benefit from investor-facing opportunities through the Alpha Network, but the DAO is focused on allowing community members to offer experience and skills to projects.

Users who contribute to incubated projects get early access to promising startups. That serves as a strong incentive to help new projects reach their future Web3 potential. Furthermore, this approach ensures further democratization of project ownership, as anyone can become an owner of such high-quality companies before their official launch.

Alpha Venture DAO co-founder Tascha Punyaneramitdee adds:

“As the Web3 industry is still in its infancy, we believe it will go through multiple phases of growth. To stay relevant for the next 10 years, we must be agile in how we create and capture value. That’s why we didn’t limit ourselves to just building internal products, but also started incubating external projects to become a multi-chain dApp ecosystem. Therefore, the ALPHA token will be a representative of Web3 innovation.”

The support of the community and of more than 50 thought leaders and Web3 experts will be crucial for the incubated projects. Choosing the brains of mentors from AVA Labs, The Spartan Group, Jason Choi, Darryl Wang, Capital, Band Protocol, Acala Network and others will provide new insights. Terraform labs will help with infrastructure and technical support, making Alpha Venture DAO a potential game changer for Web3 development.

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