Market participants – bulls, whales, large institutions and all cryptocurrency enthusiasts – are waiting for the next bull run. Also, traders have started hoarding BTC in the expectation of big profits in the long run. In addition, the developers have also worked aggressively during the bear market, which can attract the masses towards the next market trend.

After the ICO boom in 2017, which triggered the bull market at the time, the DeFi boom sparked the 2020 bull run. During the fourth quarter, the NFT boom also sparked a massive surge among most cryptocurrencies. According to a recent update, almost $24 billion has been pumped into the crypto gaming industry.

Web3 projects are believed to increase more than 100 times in the next bull run, just like NFTs. Below are the Web3 projects that are expected to trigger a massive bull run in the coming days.

Sidus (Sidus)

It is the first WebGL, AAA level, Play-to-Earn, Metaverse for gamers to have a unique economic model. SIDUS is the platform’s native token used to pay rewards and is also the main currency in the SIDUS marketplace along with other in-game and out-of-game services.

FitBurn (CAL)

FitBurn is the world’s first AI-powered fitness app. This platform intends to revolutionize lifestyle and health by using its cutting-edge AI mechanics with NFT rewards to motivate users to achieve their fitness goals.

My neighbor Alice (ALICE)

My Neighbor Alice is a farming based building game based on the Chromia chain. The platform targets a diverse gaming community within the traditional gaming market. ALICE is the native token of the platform that is used as a utility token.

Medieval Empires (MEE)

The Medieval Empires is a mid-core multiplayer online blockchain strategy game featuring actors, aiming to deliver a cutting-edge experience open to all Web 3.0 experience for fans and gamers.

gala (gala)

The platform was developed by game developers who intend to give back value to gamers with the help of Web3 and blockchain. GALA is a platform utility token, with which NFTs can be purchased and is also used as a gas token to cover network fees on the Gala blockchain.

Infinite Axie (AXS)

Axie-Infinity is a blockchain-based trading and fighting game that is partially owned and operated by its players. The native token, the AXS price has performed extremely well and has also gained mainstream attention.

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